Classification knowledge of vacuum packaging machine
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Vacuum packaging machines can be divided into the following three categories according to their basic purposes:

1. Food vacuum packaging machine. This kind of vacuum packaging machine should control the temperature before vacuum packaging. The equipment has its own cooling system, so it has high requirements for freshness preservation.

2. Medical vacuum packaging machine. This kind of vacuum packaging machine should have the form of vacuuming that can keep the product for a long time; As the medical vacuum packaging machine should be used in places with high requirements such as dust-free and sterile workshops, this kind of vacuum packaging machine can also be used in food packaging with aseptic requirements to achieve good results.

3. Vacuum packaging machine for electronic products. The use of vacuum packaging machine for electronic products can play a role in moisture-proof, oxidation and discoloration of internal metal processing parts.

4. Tea vacuum packaging machine. This is a machine integrating weighing, outer packaging and inner packaging. The birth of tea vacuum packaging machine marks a big step forward in the domestic tea packaging level and realizes the standardization of tea packaging.

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