Drying processing technology of walnut kernel
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1. Peeling: Walnuts mature from late August to early September. At this time, the pericarp changes from dark green to yellowish green or light yellow, and some involucre fissures and a few fallen fruits can be harvested for processing. Green walnut can not be exposed to the sun. The dried walnuts are not easy to peel, so they should be stacked in a cool place or indoors, with a stacking height of 30~50cm, and covered with walnut leaves or grass. After 3-5 days, when the green skin leaves the shell, it will be peeled off manually or carved with a knife. Generally, 1 kg dry walnut can be produced from 4.5 kg walnut.

2. Rinsing and drying: After peeling, wash with water in time, because the vascular bundle at the base of walnut will shrink over a long period of time, and the washing water will easily enter the shell, causing discoloration and even decay of the kernel. Put the walnuts in the basket, and then put them into the water. Stir and wash them with a bamboo broom for 5 minutes each time. Wash 2 to 3 batches of walnuts and replace them with clean water.

3. Kernel removal: When removing kernels manually, place the walnut suture parallel to the ground, and knock with even force. Do not hit hard or repeatedly. Generally, 38 kg of kernels can be taken for every 100 kg. Walnut nut dryer.

4. Soak in fragrant liquid: mix with the proportion of 20% Dupi, 5% Clove, 25% Fennel, 20% Glycyrrhiza, 15% Anise, 10% Zanthoxylum bungeanum, and 5% Fragrance, add 10 times amount of water, heat until boiling, keep warm for 30 minutes, and filter out the extract. Add 2%~5% salt and 0.03%~0.05% monosodium glutamate into the extract. Immerse the walnut kernel in the flavoring liquid prepared by the above method for 1 hour, remove and drain.

5. Heat pump dryer drying: put walnut kernels into a special 304 stainless steel gridding plate, 15 jin per plate, 12 plates per vehicle. Aubert 7P closed dehumidification heat pump dryer is used, which can be put into 8 material trucks at a time. 1200 jin can be fed at a time. The drying time is 15-20 hours. The system uses about 7 degrees of electricity per hour. The perfumed walnut kernels are dried at 60 ℃~70 ℃ until the moisture content is below 10%.

6. Sugar coating: add 20~30 liters of water, 60 kg of beet sugar, 30 kg of glucose and 10 kg of fructose syrup into the sandwich pan, stir and heat until boiling, and then add 100~200 grams of citric acid after all of them are dissolved. Pour the roasted walnuts into the sugar solution while hot, and stir well. Continue to bake at 60~80 ℃ after boiling.

7. Walnut nut dryer packaging: In a dry and sanitary room, put the sugar stained walnut nuts dried by the heat pump dryer into an aluminum foil composite bag. The finished product is sealed with a vacuum packaging machine or packed with nitrogen.

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