Classification of Vacuum Packaging Machines
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Food vacuum packaging machine

The food vacuum packaging machine carries out vacuum packaging for sausage, meat products, biscuits and other foods. The packaged food can prevent mildew, preserve quality and freshness, and extend the storage life of the product. Simply press the vacuum cover to automatically vacuum and seal.

Single room/double room

The vacuum of this equipment type only needs to press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the process of vacuum pumping, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust according to the program. The packaged products shall be protected from oxidation, mildew, moth eaten, dampness, quality and freshness, thus extending the storage period of the products.

Desktop vacuum packaging machine

Desktop single room vacuum packaging machine, with good vacuum pumping performance, is suitable for vacuum sealing packaging of meat, soy sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, grains, bean products, chemicals, medicinal materials and other particles, liquids and other products in the food industry, and is suitable for vacuum packaging of multiple plastic bag composite bags. The machine is small in size, light in weight and low in energy consumption, and is suitable for shops, supermarkets and families. Vacuum pumping, sealing, cooling, air intake to the machine cover opening, and the whole process is automatically controlled.

Tea vacuum packaging machine

The tea vacuum packaging machine uses plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as the packaging material for various instruments, medicines, grains and fruits Pickled vegetables, preserved fruits, aquatic products, local specialties, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military products. Whether solid, powder, paste or liquid can be vacuum heat sealed Due to the high vacuum degree in the bag, it can effectively prevent the corruption and deterioration of goods caused by lipid oxidation and aerobic bacteria propagation, achieve the functions of quality, freshness, taste and color preservation, and extend the storage life of products (commodities). At the same time, for some soft goods, the packaging volume will be reduced after vacuum packaging, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

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